Rural Transit is Back – Two Years of Progress in Community Transportation
Delta Marriott: Mississauga

Moderator: Dennis Kar, Dillon Consulting


  • Kimberly Earls and Shelby Woodall, Southwest Community Transit 
  • Shelly Ackers, Quinte Access Bus
  • Joahnna Berti, United Manitoulin Islands Transit 

Rural Transit is back and there are many lessons that can be learned over the past few years from the dozens of communities that have benefited from the Ontario Community Transportation Grant funding. This session will start with three presentations by a panel of Community Transportation Grant recipients, highlighting the challenges of providing mobility in a rural context, along with three very unique and tailored solutions to address the rural mobility gap. Our panelists will then be led through a moderated session addressing the following key questions:

  1. What are the key speaking points you need to know to convince decision-makers about the need for rural transit?
  2. What are the service models that have worked, and are there lessons learned?
  3. How can you use partnerships and coordination models to help fund, communicate and/or operate a rural service?
  4. What are some next steps to address the funding gap?