Fare Policy Developments and Considerations
Delta Marriott: Mississauga

Moderator:  Brendon Hemily, Ph.D.


  • Erin Straughan, Transportation Policy & Accessible Service Specialist, York Region Transit
  • Doug Spooner, Director, Transit Services, Region of Waterloo – Grand River Transit

The COVID pandemic has led to major changes in work patterns and rider behaviour. As a result, transit systems are seeking ways to recover lost ridership and adapt to the new reality they face. They are rethinking policies and practices, including fare policy and fare collection technologies, in light of the behavioural changes and new patterns. A range of approaches are being explored including fare capping, flexible passes, off-peak fares, lower fares, social fares, etc. The session will discuss the general context of changes to fare policy being contemplated, and then conduct deeper dives concerning GRT’s Affordable Transit Program, and YRT’s rethinking monthly passes through fare capping.