About OTE


The largest busing show in Canada, this conference and trade show is a joint event organized by three partnering associations – the Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA), the Ontario Public Transit Association (OPTA) and School Bus Ontario (SBO). It was conceived as a unique opportunity for bus operators and industry suppliers to get together and explore ways to grow and improve the busing industry.


This event is a combination of buyers and sellers from the entire bus transportation industry, not found anywhere else in Canada. Participants come mostly from the province of Ontario, but many are also from neighbouring provinces, northern USA and from various locations across North America.

  1. Motor coach and school bus owners, operators and staff
  2. Public transit managers and their employees
  3. Employees from community transportation companies
  4. Manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and providers of bus products, vehicles, parts and services
  5. A variety of other industry related individuals and companies
  6. Government officials and decision makers
  7. Truck and coach technician students and faculty from various colleges across Ontario may be observing at this year’s show


  1. This joint industry trade show and conference provides access to people in the bus industry that matter. And they’re ready to talk – one-on-one.
  2. Solutions, services and products that can improve competitiveness, customer service and your bottom line
  3. Owners, managers and industry leaders can explore maintenance, operations and business issues during interactive conference sessions
  4. Exhibitors can display their services and products in a professional trade show environment that combines both vehicle and booth displays
  5. Opportunities for maintenance and operations staff to trouble-shoot, brainstorm and network with colleagues and suppliers alike
  6. A chance to learn from relevant industry manufacturers in face-to-face technical business sessions
  7. Deals and purchases can be made in the comfort of a specific bus industry environment
  8. Networking possibilities abound! Take advantage of this unique, affordable and diverse opportunity!