Transit Research Poster Session
International Foyer

The following posters will be displayed in the International Foyer, central to the Ontario Transportation Expo business sessions and meals.

  • Poster 1 – Constructing Origin-Destination Demand Matrix using Wi-Fi and AFC Gate Count Data: A Case Study of Toronto‚Äôs Subway Network
  • Poster 2 – TransitTalk Digital Assistants: Harnessing Unstructured Transit Data Using Large Language Models
  • Poster 3 – Guiding Principles for Planning Bus Transit Networks of Integrated On-demand and Scheduled Services
  • Poster 4 – Coordinated and Dual-objective Transit Signal Priority in Urban Corridors: A Centralized Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
  • Poster 5 – Data-Driven Prediction of e-Bus Battery Consumption Rates Using Machine Learning Techniques in the Canadian Environment
  • Poster 6 – Extraboard Transit Operator Planning and Scheduling under Uncertainty