The Next Generation of Leaders
Delta Marriott: Mississauga

Moderator: Sasha Pejcic, Managing Partner, Evenergi

The pandemic has been challenging for transit agencies.  As they focused on ‘survival mode,’ career development could not always be at the forefront. The need to develop and motivate our workforce has never been greater, with employee retention at an all-time low. During this interactive workshop, we will provide ‘how-to’ knowledge and skills to be develop your workforce across all levels into tomorrow’s committed leaders.

  • Succession Planning & Employee Engagement in the Post-Pandemic Era—Now or Never!, Teri Fisher, CEO and Managing Partner, Insight Strategies

It’s a perfect storm— Approximately 60% of transit workers in North America are age 45 or older and executive leadership turnover seems like a daily occurrence. Couple this with the post-pandemic effects on the labour market, namely, the great reevaluation and great resignation! Overlay the evolving values and desired needs of the younger generations, who on average, switch jobs every five years. Applying old strategies to these current challenges will not be effective when it comes to not only attracting and securing loyalty and performance from new employee candidates…but current employees.

A thoughtful approach to succession planning has never been more critical in addressing these challenges and creatively engaging those who both earn, and most deserve consideration for top spots. Join us as we bust the myths associated with succession planning while maintaining an environment of fairness and inclusion. Learn to attract, keep, and creatively engage future leaders in the industry!

  • Workplace Culture and the Importance of Mentors – Mike Bismeyer, Proterra 

A discussion on mentorship and the direct link between leadership, kindness and succession planning. How we can be the change, and the impact mentorship has on personal growth & development

  • CUTA Youth and Emerging Leaders – 2023 Summit – Patrick Yutiga, Transit Planner, Toronto Transit Commission
    This part of the session will provide an overview of the Canadian Urban Transit Association’s Young Leaders Summit – a unique opportunity for young leaders aged 18-28 interested in public transit and sustainable transportation to learn, share ideas and connect with peers and industry professionals in transit and sustainable transportation. Highlights of its importance to attracting, retaining, and engaging the next generation of leaders in transit will be discussed while reflecting on the successes of the 2019 Calgary YLS Summit. Next steps and details related to CUTA’s upcoming Young Leaders Summit in Saskatoon in 2023 will also be discussed.