Mind the gaps – A lifecycle approach to implementing BEBs
Delta Marriott: Mississauga
Sponsored By PowerON

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Moderator: Vince Rodo, Brampton Transit


  • Tyler Seed, PowerON
  • Adrian Kawun, Oakville Transit
  • Erin Cooke, Winnipeg Transit
  • Mike Van Kooy, Guelph Transit
  • Alice Ho, MiWay
  • Sasha Pejcic, BetterFleet
The path to ZEB is not singular.  In this session we will explore the full lifecycle of ZEB deployments – planning, financing, implementation and operations – highlighting innovative approaches to deployment through case studies. 
PowerON knows that the price tag of electric buses, chargers, and additional infrastructure such as battery storage can be daunting. However, these costs can be mitigated by careful design and offset by new value creation opportunities. Tyler Seed of PowerON will kick-off this session with how to find savings during planning and generating with new revenue streams from electrification infrastructure including using grid assets in the electricity market and monetizing CFR credits.
Additionally, we will dive into operational considerations such as charge management systems to understand the investment tipping point at your transit agency.