Adrian Kawun

Adrian Kawun, Oakville Transit Director

Adrian Kawun has worked in the transit industry for more than 15 years and is a transit leader within the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA). He is currently Oakville Transit’s Director.  Adrian and his team are responsible for overseeing the planning, maintenance, and operation of the Oakville Transit system as a network integrating with neighbouring transit agencies and the GO Transit regional system.

Adrian’s foresight and planning is helping Oakville Transit align transit service levels with demand, implement new service delivery options, provide a service that is reliable and appealing to residents, and beginning the process of electrifying the fleet and associated facilities.

Adrian enjoys participating with staff at community outreach events to advance knowledge of the transit system. He liaises with employers, educational institutions and other GTHA transit agencies to find transit solutions for all travelers, including cross boundary travel. He’s a strong supporter of promoting transit orientation and education to citizens and community groups across Oakville.

Adrian has worked in the industry as a transit vehicle cleaner, revenue collector, transit scheduler, service planner, Manger of Planning, and is now leading the new era of planning and design of the Oakville Transit network.

He is currently outfitting Oakville Transit for a future that will be delivered by 100% electric vehicles.  Electrification projects include the expansion of Oakville Transit’s bus facility, purchasing more battery electric buses, constructing the energy infrastructure required to electrify the battery electric buses, and develop an electrification roadmap for Oakville Transit’s staff and customers. 

Adrian is a recipient of the Mass Transit 40 under 40 award which recognizes individuals for their contributions and a job well done. It is a listing of individuals who have shown a capacity for innovation, demonstrated leadership and a commitment to making an impact in transit.  Adrian would like to recognize his team for the collaboration and day-to-day hard work required to provide outstanding customer and transit services. Adrian holds an Urban and Regional Planning degree from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and works with post-secondary institutions to bring more brilliant young minds into the transit field.