On Demand Lessons from COVID – Integrating Conventional, Specialized, and On Demand
Delta Marriott: Mississauga

Moderator: Paul Buck, Manager, Transit Operations, Belleville Transit

  • Jack Phelan, Project Manager, Durham Region Transit and David Margiotta, Operations Manager, Durham Region Transit – Moving towards demand response combining specialized and ON Demand. Durham Region is revamping its on demand service and its specialized service to create a single Demand Responsive service for all our customers. We will share our experience implementing a demand responsive service and incorporating specialized transit passengers into that model. We will discuss some of the strategies we started out with and where we needed to pivot. We will share our changes in service model as reflected in our contract service provider relationship, some changes, challenges and opportunities  that were a result of the technology. Lastly we will share where we think we are going with this service and how it interacts with our scheduled service.