Gender Equity in Transit Planning
Delta Marriott: International B

Moderator: Nicole Ratti

  • David Cooper – Understanding the Transit Needs of Women;

David Cooper, Principal, Leading Mobility Consulting, will present the findings of the first national study on how transit agencies are responding to the transit needs of women which was carried out in partnership with researchers at the University of Alberta and Polytechnique Montreal. The study featured a review of policy materials of 18 public transit systems from Canada’s eight largest metropolitan areas showing that many transit agencies are starting to seek a better understanding in how they plan and operate transit services for women.

  • Angela Gibson, TTC – Equity lessons from the Pandemic

Angela will focus on what the TTC has learned from the pandemic on gender equity and how they are working as an agency to transform their planning and design to make women a priority on transit.

  • Veronica Siranosian, AECOM – Action plans for project level implementation

Women generally make up more than half of transit riders worldwide, however transit systems and service have typically not proactively understood or planned for women’s specific needs. Veronica will present findings from research in Canada, the United States, and internationally on women’s travel needs, discuss how gender equity has and can be integrated in transit planning, and explore lessons-learned from the pandemic and how transit agencies are responding.