ZEB Committee – Session #2
Delta Marriott: International AB
Sponsored by Syncoat Chemicals

This session is sponsored by:

Moderator: Bem Case, Executive Director, Innovation and Sustainability Group, Toronto Transit Commission

  • Erin Cooke, Winnipeg Transit
  • Jessica Hanson, CUTRIC
  • Scott Gillner, Brampton Transit

Topic 1: Why Aren’t You Going Faster? Technical and Financial Roadblocks in the Transition to Zero Emission Buses Why aren’t you going faster? Road Blocks in the Transition to Zero-Emission Buses Transit agencies are embracing zero-emission buses, but early adopters struggling to adapt to the new technology and the financial burden of the transition are encouraging a gradual transition. At the same time cities are facing increased public pressure to prioritize climate action spending and increasingly transit agencies are being asked to stop buying diesel buses and accelerate the transition to a zero-emission fleet immediately. Winnipeg Transit will share lessons learned from the development of its Capital Investment Road map and why despite the roadblocks it continues to go Zero Emission.

Topic 2: OPTA/CUTRIC ZEB Performance Dashboard – Demonstration and Beta Launch