Bem Case

Bem Case, Executive Director, Innovation and Sustainability Group, Toronto Transit Commission

With over 20+ years at Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Bem has held roles that span the organization, including: maintenance, engineering, risk management, intergovernmental relations, and capital program delivery.

Currently, Bem is Executive Director of TTC’s Innovation and Sustainability Program, the goal of which is to seek out and incubate the ideas we need now in order to prepare for the future, and to maximize the benefits TTC’s investments for Torontonians and the global environment. That means more creative solutions available sooner to better serve our customers, reduce our environmental impact and make our operations more resilient to the effects of climate change.

Through this program, Bem is directly accountable for the stewardship of a 15-year, $10+ billion portfolio of capital programs, including delivery of TTC’s vehicle procurements, overhauls, and electrification infrastructure.