Demystifying Energy-As-A-Service
Delta Marriott: International AB
Sponsored by: PowerON Energy Solutions

Session sponsored by:

  • Moderator:
    • Bem Case, Toronto Transit Commission
  • Panellist:
    • Keegan Tully, PowerON
    • Adrian Kawun, Director of Transit, Oakville Transit
    • Tyler Harrison, Chief Technology Officer, EquiCharge Solutions
    • Daniel Villeneuve, Program Manager, Capital Projects & Engineering, OC Transpo
    • Scott Gillner, Manager, Transit Sustainability & Innovation, Brampton Transit
    • Helen Papachronis, Director, E-Mobility, Alectra Energy Solutions

Most of us are familiar with software-as-a-service or other “anything-as-a-service” models where service offerings are accessed as needed and financed using a pay-as-you-go pricing model. So, what is Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)?

EaaS is a maturing business model where a service company provides electricity, energy infrastructure, and supporting services, typically for a recurring monthly fee. EaaS aims to transfer the risk and responsibility of deploying, operating, and maintaining energy infrastructure to the EaaS provider, allowing transit agencies to remain focused on their role as transit providers. Come learn more about why municipalities like Ottawa, Oakville, Brampton, and Toronto are considering or have adopted EaaS.

Our panel of transit experts and energy providers will answer your EaaS questions:

  • There are many ways to electrify your fleet, what delivery models have you considered?
  • What benefits/opportunities lead you to select EaaS?
  • What open questions or concerns do you have with EaaS?
  • What are the key selling points of EaaS?
    • What risks are Providers offering to take on?
    • What other benefits can EaaS offer?
  • What does EaaS cost?
    • Cost of financing capital,
    • cost of capital program delivery,
    • cost of operations and maintenance,
    • cost of electricity.