The Present and Future of Transit Funding
Delta Marriott: International AB

Moderator: Ann-Marie Carroll


  • Kevin Lee, Ministry of Transportation
  • Vincenzo Barbatano, Ministry of Transportation
  • Mayor Mat Siscoe, City of St. Catharines and Chair, Niagara Transit Commission
  • Karen Nesbitt, Association of Municipalities of Ontario
  • Josh Colle, Ernst and Young

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is an important partner to municipal transit operations. Each year MTO joins us at OTE to share valuable details about current funding programs such as the Dedicated Public Transit Fund (gas tax for transit) and the Community Transportation Grant Program. This year our MTO session has been expanded to generate discussion about the future of transit funding.

Join us as the moderator and panelists delve into the future of transit funding in the province. As Ontario’s population grows and urban centers expand, the need for sustainable, efficient, and accessible transit systems has never been more pressing. The discussion will focus on government initiatives, advocacy and other opportunities aimed at funding transit operations, expansion, modernization, and sustainability efforts. Engage with industry experts, policymakers and stakeholders to gain insight into funding challenges, best practices, and emerging trends shaping the future of transit funding in Ontario.