Mayor Mat Siscoe

Mayor Mat Siscoe, City of St. Catharines and Chair, Niagara Transit Commission

Mayor Mat Siscoe became Mayor of St. Catharines in November 2022, and he previously served as a Council member for St. Patrick’s Ward from 2010 until January 2022. Following the unfortunate passing of Sandie Bellows, he was chosen to fill her vacancy on Regional Council. In addition to his role as a Council member, he spent 15 years as a high school physics teacher. Mayor Siscoe has been actively involved in the community, coaching various youth sports teams and volunteering for Out of the Cold. One of his significant achievements as Mayor is the establishment of the St. Catharines OutReach and Engagement Fund (SCORE) – a fund that supports local non-profit organizations in St. Catharines, including the Niagara Health Foundation, BBBS of Niagara, Young Caregivers Association, Niagara Children’s Centre and others. 

Mayor Siscoe and his wife Chrissy Sadowski have four children: Xavier, Canaan, Darius and Sophia, along with two dogs and four cats. Mayor Siscoe’s children and the students taught have inspired his political career and his vision of creating a city where the younger generation wants to live, work, and raise families of their own.

The mayor currently holds the position of Treasurer for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and is a part of the Municipal Finance Sub-Committee for Ontario Big City Mayors. Additionally, he serves as the Chair of the Niagara Transit Commission. Mayor Siscoe remains dedicated to collaborating with his fellow Council members and city staff to develop a thriving community that we can all be proud to call home.