Vehicle Exhibitor Move-in
Exhibitors are given specific arrival times
Toronto Congress Centre: Hall E Vehicle Door

Each vehicle display booth has a scheduled time to bring move the vehicle into the Trade Show floor. The room must be strategically filled from back to front while simultaneously building the pipe-and-drape exhibitor booths in order to have the whole show built in a day.

Please review the move-in schedule below and make all necessary arrangements to have your vehicle(s) in position 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
Time changes will not be accommodated.

Toronto Congress Centre: 650 Dixon Road
Come in off of Martin Grove Rd check in with Lange Marshalling Yard, then Lange will direct you to the Enterprise Parking Lot in order to await entry into the building via door #28.
View Map for details

Please report to the Lange Marshalling at least ½ hour before your move in time.

OTE Vehicle Move-In Schedule:
Monday, April 17th

Bus Number Name Move in time
B38 Crestline Coach 8:00
B37 Crestline Coach 8:07
B2 MoveMobility 8:14
B36 MTB Transit Solutions 8:21
B3 Lion Electric 8:28
B34 Premier Bus Group 8:35
B33 Premier Bus Group 8:42
B4 Damera/Mississauga Bus 8:49
B5 Damera/Mississauga Bus 8:56
B6 Damera/Mississauga Bus 9:03
B7 Damera/Mississauga Bus 9:10
B32 Overland Custom Coach 9:17
B8 Novaquip Lifting Solutions 9:24
B31 Fleet Zero 9:31
B9 Vincinty Motor Corp 9:38
B30 Leeds Transit 9:45
B29 Leeds Transit 9:52
B28 Leads Transit 9:59
B26 New Flyer 10:06
B25 Motor Coach Industries 10:13
B16 Girardin Blue Bird 10:20
B16 Girardin Blue Bird 10:27
B16 Girardin Blue Bird 10:34
B16 Girardin Blue Bird 10:41
B16 Girardin Blue Bird 10:48
B24 Creative Carriage 10:55
B23 Creative Carriage 11:02
B22 Creative Carriage 11:09
B21 Creative Carriage 11:16
B18 Prevost 11:23
B19 Nova Bus 11:30