Young and Emerging Leaders – Recruitment and Retention
Delta Marriott: International AB

  • Moderator: 
    • Mike Bismeyer
  • Panellists:
    • Tim Young
    • Dennis Kar
    • Dennis Fletcher
    • Patrick Yutiga
    • Scott Pass

Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Developing Future Transit Leaders

This session will include three (3) components:

  • The State of Transit Education in Canada:
    • An overview of an initiative to catalogue and evaluate public transit content in Canadian universities to determine impacts on student interests and career readiness.
    • Developing and promoting curriculum content that will expand transit planning into the post-secondary curriculum.
    • Developing and promoting presentations that will be delivered to transit agency staff for the purpose of making them aware of transit scheduling as a potential public transit career.
  • Young and Emerging Leaders Sub-Committee
    • This session will provide details regarding the purpose of the Young and Emerging Leaders Sub-Committee (YELSC) which includes development of programs designed to Attract, Retain and Develop future transit leaders.
  • Young Leaders Summit 2023 – Edmonton, AB
    • Purpose of this session will be to increase awareness and provide transit agencies and business members with details regarding the 2023 Edmonton Young Leaders Summit, including:
      • Overview of curriculum,
      • Benefits of attending YLS for young leaders and the employers,
      • Launch of call for delegates,
      • Sponsorship opportunities