Beyond the Warranty – Working Together Toward Successful ZEB Adoption
Delta Marriott: International AB

Zero emission buses (ZEBs) have been in operation now for some period of time with early adopters gaining many lessons learned. At this session, we will explore how transit agencies and OEMs can work together to ensure the successful further deployment with a lively moderated debate with industry experts. How do we go beyond worrying about warranties, to a place where we are truly working together for the betterment of the transit industry as we scale ZEBs? We will explore the shared responsibilities both transit agencies and OEMs have to successful ZEB deployments, what is currently working, what is currently not working, including approaches on training, data sharing, etc.

Moderator: Sasha Pejcic, BetterFleet


  • Mike Macas, Chief Engineer – Bus and Automotive, Toronto Transit Commission
  • Moneeb Durrani, Director of Sales, Fleet & Transit, ABB
  • Mike Van Kooy, Supervisor, Guelph Transit
  • Chad Sadowy, New Flyer Industries
  • Dave Partington, TOK Transit
  • Adrian Kawun, Transit Director, Oakville Transit
  • Mike Coote, Nova Bus