Maintenance Committee Meeting Part B – Round Table Topics
Delta Marriott: Mississauga


Maurice Rozon, Chair, OPTA Maintenance Committee

Ryan Booth, Vice Chair – Transit Members, OPTA Maintenance Committee

Chad Sadowy, Vice Chair – Business Members, OPTA Maintenance Committee



1. Welcome and Introductions – Maurice Rozon and Ryan Booth – 5 minutes

Pre-Submitted Round Table Questions:

2. Component Life-cycle tracking – What are you using to track your equipment component life-cycle for items such as tires, brakes, differentials, engines, transmissions, etc? For example, do you have a spreadsheet or software that tracks information such as:

  • Current mileage/ hours
  • replacement date
  • anticipated end of life

3. Do you have any maintenance practices where you perform early component replacement as a part of opportunistic maintenance? For example, if tires pass a safety but they may not make it to the next PM or safety, they are replaced to avoid unplanned repairs, service disruption, or additional take charge time.

4. DriveOn Question – how are transit agencies proceeding with the 2-Factor Authentication requirement for the DriveOn Tablets? There is a provincial restriction that prevents us from using the same numbers more than once, and we are not in a position to ask the union employees to use their own personal cellphones.

5. Supply chain management

6. Open forum (ask your question)