The Other Electric Bus – Hydrogen Deployments
Delta Marriott: International AB

  • Moderator: Geoff Marinoff, Transit Director, MiWay
  • Speakers:
    • Derek Hanson, Director, Transit Fleet Maintenance, Edmonton Transit
    • Sam McDermott, Technical Manager, Hydrogen at Enbridge Gas Inc.

Following last year’s focus on Battery Electric Bus (BEB) deployments, this year’s OTE ZEB Day will focus on the promise of and barriers to hydrogen fuel cell deployments. As with BEB’s, the bus is the easy part – the challenge is the fuel. This session will start with the potential role for “the other electric bus” to extend range in transit operations, addressing total lifecycle costs and retrofits to facilities. We’ll hear about the experience of early adopters Edmonton Transit and MiWay and learn about their aha moments as they grapple with the complexities of the fuel including production, carbon content and transportation. Enbridge Gas and Ballard Power Systems will join our panel to discuss the forecast for the development of the technology and fuel supply.