Optimize-a-palooza! Getting the Most Out of Mmall to Mid-Sized Systems
Delta Marriott: International AB
Sponsored by Modeshift, Inc.

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  • Michelle Ferrigan, Michelle Ferrigan – Senior Transportation Planner & Service Optimization Lead, WATT Consulting Group
  • Andrew Martin, Senior Transportation Planner, WATT Consulting Group

Come join us in this fun and interactive roundtable session. We’ll share tips and tricks on how small to medium-sized systems can do a Health Check and get the most out of their service.

This presentation aims to empower small to medium-sized transit agencies by providing strategic tools to reassess and adjust service delivery to meet the new post-pandemic demands.

We will explore various methods to conduct an in-depth Health Check of a transit network and its services. We would like this session to also include a roundtable discussion so that all can share their experiences, current challenges, and successes in moving their communities forward.

The presentation will provide the following key takeaways:

  • How can KPI’s and ridership trends be used to assess the health of a transit system?
  • How to ensure that proposed changes align effectively with the municipality’s strategic direction?
  • What avenues exist to gather valuable feedback and foster engagement on a constrained budget?
  • How to optimize the route network to meet new travel patterns?
  • What are the critical factors to consider when implementing change within a transit system?