Digital Transformation – CX Case Studies
Delta Marriott: Mississauga

Moderator: Christopher Norris, Kingston Transit

  • Jenn Van Geem, Swiftly
  • Victoria Gorobets, Toronto Transit Commission
  • Reid Fulton, Grand River Transit/Region of Waterloo

Customer Experience is the focus of this panel:

1. In this technology panel, Swiftly will discuss best practices for improving the rider experience during detours. We’ll draw on real-life case studies about the most effective channels for keeping passengers informed, how to avoid “ghost buses” on detoured routes, and new developments within the GTFS-realtime spec that allow agencies to do all of the above seamlessly and automatically. 

2. The Toronto Transit Commission’s Digital Marketing on Social Media – A Show and TellWhy should your brand care about social media? Find out and join Victoria Gorobets, the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) Marketing Manager, for an engaging showcase of how the TTC transformed its social media strategy from mundane to magnetic, resulting in a remarkable increase in followers and audience engagement (without any paid spend). Learn how they tapped into Gen Z’s desires, leveraged user-friendly tools, and embraced responsive communication and humour to create a vibrant online community. Join us on this insightful journey through TTC’s digital evolution!;

3. Grand River Transit has embarked on its first Strategic Technology Plan in order to outline a 5-year series of projects intended to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience. Through an online survey and workshops tailored to both frontline and office staff, the project team will identify gaps and challenges encountered by staff and customers who use GRT’s current technologies. This comprehensive plan will describe the resources required for its implementation and be seamlessly integrated into the Region of Waterloo’s corporate planning processes, including the 2025 Regional Budget and the subsequent GRT Business Plan. In today’s presentation we’ll share past and present examples of digital transformation at GRT, some of the insights we learned from our staff engagement process, and share ideas we’re looking at for the future.