ZEB Facility Transition – Challenges and Trending Practices
Delta Marriott: International AB
Sponsored by AECOM

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  • Moderator:
    • Kirsten Watson – VP, Government Relation & Canada Transit Market Sector Lead, AECOM
  • Panelists
    • Michelle Jones – Head, Renewable Energy Programs, Toronto Transit Commission
    • Helen Papachronis – Director, E-Mobility, Alectra Energy Solutions
    • Pri Uthayakumar – Program Manager, Sustainability and Strategic Initiatives, Durham Region Transit
    • Russ Golightly – Senior Project Manager, Planning & Design for Transit Facility Electrification, AECOM

The push to decarbonize the transit sector has presented a range of new operational considerations and infrastructure requirements. Understanding how to identify and plan for these changes to existing practices is a key part of the development of a successful roadmap to fleet transition.

This panel will bring together a mix of agencies, suppliers, and consultants to discuss the challenges and opportunities experienced to date on a range of fleet transition programs. The panel will explore what impacts the planning and implementation of fleet transitions have had on both existing and future operations, and will discuss the actions and steps taken to avoid disruption to services.