Choosing Hydrogen – Dilemma of the Chicken and the Egg
Delta Marriott: Mississauga

Moderator: Mark Seldenthuis, Director of New Energies, AECOM


  • Cole Pouliot, AECOM
  • Norman Hendry, Halifax Transit
  • Majdi El-Sadek, CUTRIC
  • Stephen Bacchus, MiWay
  • Erin Cooke, Winnipeg Transit

Many transit agencies are thinking about adding hydrogen buses to their fleet mix. But how will they manage the lack of existing infrastructure to meet future hydrogen demand, and how will this dilemma impact their long-range fleet plans? This panel will consist of transit agencies currently piloting or considering hydrogen buses. They will be joined by a hydrogen energy expert who will provide context on the state of the industry and answer audience questions on the future of hydrogen. CUTRIC will provide a GR update on their advocacy work in Ontario to advance hydrogen projects.