Improving Operations and the Customer Experience with Technology
Delta Marriott: Mississauga
Sponsored by: IBI Group

Sponsor: IBI Group

Moderator: Doug Parker, IBI

Transit agencies consider all technology use through the lens of how it will contribute to supporting and improving both operations and the customer experience. This session will discuss some diverse efforts of Ontario transit agencies to use, deploy, and procure technology from this perspective.

  • Brad Smith, Transit Planner, Brantford Transit – AVL/Fare Collection Project.
    • Brantford Transit is deploying new technology for integrated modern fleet monitoring and fare collection fleetwide. This presentation will discuss the agency-wide needs assessment process used for identifying system functionality for the procurement. And also how the system is being deployed and configured to best support operations and the customer experience.
  • Seth McDermott, Transit Technology Specialist, IBI Group – Hamilton Street Railway Electrification Planning
    • Shortly before the start of construction for its new Maintenance and Storage Facility, HSR decided to determine what transit electrification provisions to include in the design. Three candidate scenarios were identified for the extent of potential electrification for the future fleet to operate from this facility, in terms of the mix of Battery Electric Buses (BEBs) that could be supported relative to Compressed Natural Gas fleet. Each scenario was analyzed in terms of the energy use requirements for blocks that would be operated using BEBs, and the needed charging and electrical infrastructure. Based on this analysis, the scenario to provide for in the design was selected, and the facility detailed design updated accordingly.
  • Alana Tyers, A/Mgr Service Development, MiWay, Vibert Hart, Supervisor, Data Management, MiWay, Graham Proctor, Transit Planner, MiWay – Using APC Data to Produce Realtime Crowding App during COVID
    • This presentation will focus on “Decision making through Data” – The development and use of APC data to produce dashboards and visualize data on ridership and overcrowding. The presentation will also cover how these tools are used to support resource allocation and decision making during the pandemic and into a phase of more recent ridership recovery.