Field Trip – York Region Transit – New Orlando Avenue Garage (Sign Up Required)

Technical Tour of York Region Transit Orlando Avenue Garage

– Please sign up for the tour at the OTE Registration Desk in the Int’l Foyer by Tuesday, April 16th at 4:00 pm.
– Registration is limited to 80 participants. Transportation to/from the tour is provided by York Region Transit ebuses.
– Limited parking for 20 vehicles is available at YRT. You must obtain a parking pass from the OTE Registration Desk to be allowed to park at the YRT garage. Check in with YRT staff at Security in the main lobby.
– The YRT garage tour has three different focuses – ZEB Chargers; Onboard technology including ADAS; Maintenance Operations.
– Departures from the hotel are staggered: 12:15; 12:30 and 12:45
– Depending on traffic and route chosen the travel time will be between 30-45 minutes
– Returns from YRT are staggered: 2:00; 2:15; 2:45
– All participants will be back at the hotel by 3:30 pm