Current Restrictions

Pandemic Restrictions Affecting OTE

The following restrictions are in currently effect and will be enforced at the Ontario Transportation Expo unless changes to these regulations occur before the event. This page will be updated with new restrictions as they are implemented.

NOTE FOR EXHIBITORS: The most commonly fluctuating regulations in Ontario involves capacity restrictions and physical distancing requirements. Since the space inside each exhibitor booth is fixed, exhibitors must agree at the time of registration to limit the number of persons in their booth space at any given time to adhere to whatever restrictions are in effect on the day of the event.

Proof of vaccination via QR code is required from all attendees

Delegates that cannot present proof of vaccination and valid government identification will be turned away without a refund.


All attendees have the option of wearing face masks at this event, however it is not a mandatory requirement at this time. If regulations change and the mask mandate is reintroduced before the event, we will update this web page accordingly.

International attendees must provide proof of vaccination to travel into Canada

It is mandatory to use the ArriveCan app to submit all travel documents when travelling to Canada.

If you have any questions about the restrictions potentially affecting OTE, please contact