Tyler Harrison

Chief Technology Officer, EquiCharge Solutions

Tyler is EquiCharge Solution’s Chief Technology Officer. He specializes in addressing questions related to the operation of large-scale zero-emission bus (ZEB) fleets. With his past electrification experience, he has developed innovative solutions for charger control, scheduling, depot management, and energy management systems, incorporating novel operating paradigms for zero-emission fleets. Tyler advocates for open and interoperable solutions that prioritize an organization’s operational needs.

Using his technical expertise in battery electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and software systems, Tyler creates customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into an organization’s existing operations, simplifying the transition to zero-emission technology. Through the creation of EquiSIM Digital Twins and┬ádeep industry insight, he developed the core of the EquiCharge Informed-Infrastructure approach, emphasizing an operational focus to guide electrification projects.

Taking a holistic approach to electrification projects, Tyler helps transit agencies and private companies navigate complex changes and accelerate their zero-emission transition, ensuring a sustainable short- and long-term strategy.