Theo Martens

Theo Martens is an Emissions Technical Advisor in the Vehicle Inspection Program Oversight Office, Commercial Safety and Compliance Branch, Transportation Safety Division, Ministry of Transportation. He has previously been the Emissions Technical Advisor of the Drive Clean Facility Operations Section, Drive Clean Office (DCO), Ministry of the Environment since August 1999. Theo is a certified automotive service technician (310S) and truck and coach technician (310T). His role in the Program Oversight Office has been to assist in the continued roll out of the integrated emissions and safety inspection program. His other roles are to ensure that owners of accredited vehicle inspection facilities and emission technicians comply with the provisions of their performance contracts as well as the Standard Operating Procedures (“SOP”) that apply to day-to-day emission testing services delivered to Ontario’s customers. Theo also conducts investigations into complaints and disputes with facilities, prepares reports of investigations with recommendations to resolve disputes, recommends remedial action (e.g. suspension, contract termination, technician revocations) and discuss implications with legal services.