Patrick Yutiga

Patrick Yutiga, Transit Planner – Toronto Transit Commission

Patrick Yutiga is a Transit Planner within the Service Planning and Scheduling Department at the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Driven by a vision, passion, and drive for transit and mobility, Patrick is responsible for planning, designing, and analyzing transit services in the City of Toronto. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University).

Prior to becoming a Transit Planner at the TTC, Patrick has held various roles throughout the TTC as a student. Additionally, he is an academic transport researcher with experience in researching the impacts of cycling infrastructure on cyclist experience, as well as understanding the role of E-Mobility modes of transport on existing street infrastructures.

As a Young Leader in Transit selected by CUTA in 2019, as well as Vice-Chair of CUTA’s Youth and Emerging Leaders Sub-Committee, Patrick takes strong interest in youth engagement into the transit industry. He currently is also co-leading the planning and development of the 2023 Young Leaders Summit in Edmonton, Alberta, which is being held prior to CUTA’s Annual Conference and Tradeshow in November.

More information about the Young Leaders Summit can be found here: