Dennis Kar

Dennis Kar, Partner, Transit & Integrated Mobility Planner – Dillon Consulting

Dennis is a Partner at Dillon Consulting Limited and leads the firm’s Transit & Rail Client Segment.  Dennis has spent much of his career focused on addressing the mobility needs of rural municipalities. He understands the challenges that many rural residents face and the constraints faced by municipalities in implementing affordable solutions that fit within municipal budgets.

Some examples of rural public transportation services that Dennis has helped to implement include a coordinated community care partnership called EasyRide in Huron and Perth County, a new on-demand rural transit service in Wellington County called Ride Well, a flex bus service connecting to Kapuskasing Ontario (Flex Bus) and a new association of rural transit agencies in southwest Ontario called Southwest Community Transit.

He is a frequent presenter and lecturer at various national conferences and training courses, speaking on a broad range of topics including transit planning, community transportation for persons with disabilities, on-demand mobility and transit supportive development.