Dennis Kar

Dennis Kar, MUP, RPP – Partner, Dillon Consulting Limited

Dennis is a Partner at Dillon Consulting Limited and leads the firm’s Transit Service Line.  He has been working in the transit industry for over 23 years, providing a strong focus on equitable mobility in urban and rural environments.
Dennis has spent considerable time working with rural municipalities, First Nations and community care agencies to develop and enhance mobility options for rural residents. This includes feasibility studies, operations reviews, coordination and governance assessments and Councillor engagement and education.

Some of the more notable projects Dennis has led include:

  • Authored “Towards Coordinated Rural Transportation” Resource Guide on behalf of the Rural Ontario Institute;
  • Developed a coordinated scheduling and dispatch framework for five community care agencies in Huron and Perth Counties (EasyRide);
  • Developed a governance structure and memorandum of understanding which was used to form the Southwest Community Transit (SCT) association;
  • Worked with York Region Transit and Wellington County to plan and implement the first large-scale rural On Demand services in Canada (Dial-a-Ride North and Ride Well).

His career includes six years teaching a Transportation Planning and Urban Planning Studio course at Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as several industry courses on “On Demand Transit”, “Transportation and Land Use Planning for Sustainable Communities” and “Transit Planning for Sustainable Communities”.  He is passionate about finding mobility solutions to underservices areas, with a focus on equity, quality of life and economic development.