David Cooper

David Cooper, Principal – Leading Mobility 

David Cooper is the founder and principal of Leading Mobility, a transportation planning firm that offers strategic and planning support for public transit, infrastructure delivery, stakeholder support, and government relations projects and initiatives.  David’s distinctive experience as the only urban planner in Canada who has practiced in the public sector in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto provides clients perspectives on how to successfully shepherd politically sensitive projects through large municipal and regional governments.

Some of David’s significant transportation contributions include: planning the Relief Line Subway and King Street Pilot in Toronto; procurement support for the Broadway Subway Project and development of TransLink’s Battery-Electric bus program in Vancouver; implementation of LRT/BRT expansion and regional transit in Calgary. David authored the Canadian Urban Transit Association’s COVID-19 National Recovery Strategy, a foundational plan which has helped to obtain emergency operational funding to maintain transit service during the acute stage of the pandemic. David also authored the first national study on how public transit agencies can better meet the needs of women in the planning, design and operations of their public transit services.

David firmly believes in supporting and facilitating success for new community builders through teaching future planners as an adjunct faculty at University of Calgary, University of Toronto and Toronto Metropolitan University.

David’s contributions to city building and transportation have been nationally recognized. He was the recipient of the ‘President’s Award for Young Planner of the Year’ granted by the Canadian Institute of Planners, the ‘Individual Leadership Award’ from the Canadian Urban Transit Association, and received Mass Transit’s ‘Top 40 Under 40 Award’ in North America.