Angela Gibson

Angel Gibson, TTC

Angela joined the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in 2020 as Head, Strategy and Foresight responsible for ensuring that the third largest transit agency in North America is ready for change and disruption. Angela leads a challenging effort of integrating equity and inclusion in her diverse portfolio which includes fare policy, digital connectivity, innovation, accessibility and systems planning. Angela is a Registered Professional Planner with over 18 years of urban planning experience focused on creating complete and connected communities through facilitating the synergies between land use and transit planning.

Prior to joining the TTC, Angela worked for various municipal governments including York, Durham and the Town of Ajax in the capacity of leading intergovernmental relations, transportation planning, diversity and inclusion programs and strategic plans. As a city builder Angela has led a number of major regional initiatives including transportation planning for urban growth centres and universal accessibility programs.

Angela is an alumnus of the University of Toronto Urban Planning program where she has established a scholarship (named after her father, Thomas Panton) for visible minorities in the Urban Planning field at the University of Toronto to help support continued diversity within the planning profession.